Look for glimmers in your life to promote safety and security

  Posted On:  February 21, 2023

Chances are if you had to identify things that stress you out, you could name about 20 in just a few minutes.  But what about the opposite?  What are the things that help you feel safe and secure?  What are the cues of safety you notice around you right now?  I’m talking about the concept of Glimmers.

Glimmers are what you experience when you have a sense of ease, connection, or a feeling that the world is OK (even if for a fleeting moment).

  • Glimmers can happen through any of your senses; it can be something you hear, see, touch, taste, or even smell.
  • They can be connected to people, places, things, a beloved pet, or even a specific time of day.
  • They can be small moments and experiences which spark a sense of joy or peace.

Take a moment and think about your day so far; what glimmers can you recall? Or perhaps do you notice a glimmer right now?

If you are struggling to identify a glimmer at this moment, that’s totally fine. Consider looking again later today and as you go throughout the week.

Our brains have a strong tendency to look for the bad/scary stuff and gloss over everything else.

Noticing glimmers is a wonderful act of awareness that can have a powerful positive effect by signaling to your nervous system that we are safe and secure in this moment.

It’s not about minimizing the scary or overwhelming stuff, it’s about helping regulate your nervous system by intentionally searching for cues of safety that already exist.

If you would like more information about glimmers, the nervous system, or Polyvagal Theory-check out any of Deb Dana’s books or video’s-she’s amazing!